17 2022


The open Joint-stock company
The Volgograd factory of tractor details and normals


JSC Volgograd Plant of Tractor Parts and Normals welcomes for co-operation!

Our plant, which is one of the leading manufacturers of location bracketry, springs, hand tools for tractor and motor-car construction in the Russian Federation and Commonwealth Countries, has pleasure to offer you the following:

Bolts from M6-M24 of different length (GOST 7798-70, 7796-70, 7795-70), of M6-M16 according to norms of FIAT-VAZ No. 10312 and No. 10372, welding bolts (TU 23.1.502-91), bolts according to GOST 7801-81, 7801-81, ploughshare and cultivator bolts (GOST 7786-70), cylinder head bolts for KAMAZ and VAZ, wheel studs for KAMAZ, cardan bolts.

We also are capable of manufacturing bolts according to DIN 931 and DIN 933.
Strength category of bolts manufactured at the plant is 3.6, 4.8, 5.6, 5.8, 6.6, 8.8 and 10.9, it should be defined in the order.
Bar parts are manufactured according to the clients drawings.
Hexagonal nuts from M3-M20 (GOST 5927-70 and 5915-70), square nuts M6-M12 (TU 23.1.505-91), welding nuts from M6-M12 (TU 23.1.503-91), stationary nuts from M4-M10 (TU 23.1.504-91).
Screws from M3-M12 with semi-round, countersunk head (GOST 17473-80, GOST 17475-80).
Rivets with semi-round, countersunk or flat head from diameter of 2-20 (GOST 10299-80, 10300-80, 10303-80, 12642-80 and 12643-80). Material: steel, aluminum, brass.
Springs for compression, extension, torsion, Bowden shells and spring and closing rings according to the clients drawings.
Studs from M8-M20 (GOST 22032-76, 22034-76, 22036-76, 22038-76 and 22042-76).
Cotter pins from d 3,2-6,3 (GOST 397-79).
Track link spindles for DT-75 (A 34-2-01, DT 75-1), for T4 (T4-34-102), for T-70 (T70-300-22, DT 75-202-22 narrow), for DT-175 and TT-4 (T 100-34-102), for TDT-55 (55-35-002 trel.).
Washers from d3-12 (GOST 11371-78, 6958-78).
Hand tools: wrenches with open openings, double-sided; wrenches with open opening, one-sided; spanner wrenches, annular double-sided wrenches; annular knee wrenches; allen keys, vessel wrenches, bench hammers, wooden handles with round face; combination pliers bench chisels; bench piercers; bench screwdrivers with plastic knob; mounting shovels, tool kits for KAMAZ, VAZ in any package.
Consumer goods devices for sanitary cleaning-up with the length from 2 to 10 mtrs; radial rakes; plastic crockery etc.
Spare Parts MTZ-82uk, DT-75.
We also offer for sale products with certain deviations, that allows to sell them with major reduction as compared with price-list. Such products can be used in cases when no high requirements are applied.
JSC Volgograd Plant of Tractor Parts and Normals manufactures products of the high quality, that is why our company traditionally is one of the main suppliers of hardware products for enterprises of agricultural machinery construction (Volgograd Tractor Building Plant, MTZ, MMZ etc.) and supplies location bracketry for motor cars for UAZ, KAMAZ, ZMZ, VAZ dealers, puts new types of location bracketry, springs and driver tools into production. If you are interested in our products please kindly send your request-specification to our address.
You can find further information on our plant on our web-side vztdn.ru
We will consider any your proposals.

With best regards,
Commercial Director
I.N.Ossintseva Tel.: +7-8442-23-56-80

Deputy Commercial
and External Relashionships Director
A.A.Sokolov Tel.: +7-8442-23-42-07

Deputy Commercial Director
Chief of Sales Department
A.S.Ivakhnenko Tel.: +7-8442-23-59-67

Tel./fax: 7-8442-23-13-81; 23-02-75; 23-59-44; 23-33-59


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